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Charlotte Noise Buffer Will Not Impede Saturday Prayer Walks

Stretching as far back as 2017, members of the Charlotte City Council have been working hard to silence The Church outside of city abortion centers. The campaign which began under former mayor Jennifer Roberts and continues under the the current mayor and members of city council is aimed directly at silencing those who stand in support of the pre-born. Attempts include updating sign ordinances, banning parking along Latrobe drive and more recently, the creation of a buffer zone around city "medical facilities."

Earlier this year we sounded the alarm and The Church made its voice heard. On multiple occasions, Christians flooded the Charlotte Government center to voice their concern over the biased position of city council members. Despite literally hundreds of testimonies from citizens voicing their opposition to the noise buffer, city council members voted to implement the buffer zone.

Although discouraging, we have reason to celebrate. Initial talks indicated that the buffer zone could stretch as far as 200 feet from the abortion center property line which would reach the private property from which we conduct our Saturday Prayer Walks in Charlotte.

Thankfully, the buffer zone was reduced to 150 feet which means that our Saturday morning prayer walks are able to continue unhindered by this new ordinance. While the buffer zone does eliminate our partner ministry Cities4Life's ability to use amplified sound directly in front of the abortion center to reach women inside the clinic, as a whole, the new ordinance does not limit our ability to remain present and continue serving abortion minded families right outside of the abortion center.

Though we know other attempts to silence The Church will be made, we rejoice in this victory and in knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord. We encourage you, regardless of where you live, to join us in these final 7 weeks of our 40 Week Journey of Hope. All are welcome whether you are part of an adopting church or not. Visit for times and locations in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and New York City.

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