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Love Life Gave me an Opportunity to Actively Engage in Pro-Life Ministry

I attended my first Love Life prayer walk in June of 2016. It was timely as my wife was around 35 weeks pregnant with our first child. Having grown up in the church, I always claimed to be “pro-life” but my position was little more than lip service. Aside from holding a sign at a rally when I was too young to understand what abortion was, I’d never put any action to my conviction.

As I’ve gotten older and certainly as we approached the arrival of our first child, my conviction about doing something began to surface. I heard powerful messages on the sanctity of human life but continued asking the question "what could I practically do about it?"

Then Love Life came to my church. I heard Justin share about the tragic truth of abortion and we made plans to attend the prayer walk the following Saturday. I cried my eyes out for two straight hours. The reality of what was going on inside that building broke my heart. This was back in the early days of conducting prayer walks so there were no pro-choice demonstrators or people who were upset about our presence. Maybe just a security guard or two from the clinic.

I remember standing across the street and watching a woman exit her car and walk towards the sidewalk counselors. Her partner quickly followed suit, grabbed her by the wrist and began restraining her in an attempt to keep her from speaking with the counselor.

We all stood in disbelief as we were cautioned we could not intervene and were not allowed on the property. The man coaxed the woman back into the car and 5-10 minutes later they entered the clinic.

I left that day still unsure of how I could help, other than to simply show up again. So I did. Two weeks later I and a handful of people from our church returned to participate in the prayer walk. This time I saw a car pull into the clinic with a teenage girl sobbing in the passenger seat. The driver, an older woman I presumed to be her mother or grandmother went into the clinic and then returned and attempted to talk her into going inside.

I returned the Saturday after my daughter was born and again for the two Celebrate Life events held that year where I assisted with security. In the time since then I've been involved with numerous walks, large events and helping to share the powerful stories that emerge as lives, and families, are saved from the devastating act of abortion.

What Love Life has done is create a simple inroad for people to engage in pro-life ministry without any obstacles; just show up. It doesn't have to be your church's "adoption week." Anyone is welcome, any time, in any city where they are prayer walking.

Today, Love Life has numerous connection points where people can practically serve in various aspects of ministry, from helping to set up for the prayer walks to mentoring a mom who's chosen life or being trained as a sidewalk counselor to minister to the men and women at the abortion center. All are crucial and impactful areas of ministry and the need is very great.

So if you are in the place that I was, knowing that you should be doing something to fight for the lives of the unborn but unsure of where or how, just show up. Visit to find the location of their prayer walks in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh or skip straight to their connections page and see where God is calling you to serve.

As Christians, we are called by God to care for "the least of these" in our country and community. What's stopping you?

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