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Love Life Mentors - Robyn's Story

Every woman who chooses life in one of our partnering cities is giving the opportunity of connecting with a mentor. We believe it is vital to provide support, encouragement and spiritual counsel to these families who have made the courageous decision to keep their child, many of whom are in very difficult circumstances.

When Robyn found out she was pregnant, she was working three jobs and already had a young son. The thought of raising another child was more than she could bare so she went to the Latrobe abortion center in Charlotte. There she encountered the smiling faces of Cities4Life sidewalk counselors and was given the opportunity to have a free ultrasound aboard the HELP PRC mobile medical unit.

After seeing her child on the ultrasound, Robyn knew she couldn't go through with her abortion. But that didn't immediately solve the severity of her situation.

Then she met Nikki.

Through the Love Life Mentor Program, Nikki began walking along side Robyn every step of her pregnancy. This included being a huge support to her first son Aiden. "It doesn't matter what you need, it doesn't matter what time you need to call me, I'll be there" says Nikki. "This is a family connection now, it's no longer a mentor/mentee connection."

Nikki is one of many men and women from the local church who have raised their hands and said "yes, I'm willing to sacrifice my time, energy and in some cases, comfort, in order to be a support to one of these families that's chosen life."

We are constantly looking for more mentors to walk beside families who have chosen life. Watch Robyn's story below to hear how significant Nikki's support has been on this journey and consider if God is calling you to become a mentor and walk beside a man or woman who's chosen life.

Learn more about Love Life mentors HERE.

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