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Sidewalk Counselors - The Last Line of Defense in the Fight For Life

Vicky Kaseorg has been faithfully standing on the sidewalks outside of the largest abortion center in the southeast for over five years. Six days a week, Vicky and other sidewalk counselors stand at the ready as abortion minded women make their way down Latrobe Dr in Charlotte, intent on ending the lives of their unborn children.

Sadly, many of these women do not want to abort their babies; they simply feel it is their only option, for any number of reasons. Life circumstances. An unsupportive partner. As many as 95% of women admit to not wanting to terminate their pregnancy but all too often, the loudest voices in their lives convince them that raising a child is more than they can handle, so they abort.

That decision is not final however when they make an appointment for an abortion, nor is it "over" when they arrive at the clinic. Courageous men and women, like Vicky, have answered the call to serve as the last line of defense for the unborn and most likely, are the only source of hope for these hurting women. Click below to hear Vicky's powerful testimony and see first hand how sidewalk counselors are greeting women with love, compassion and truth on what's sure to be one of the darkest days of their lives.

We are constantly seeking to raise up more sidewalk counselors. If you feel moved to simply learn more about this impactful and effective ministry, please click HERE.

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