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The Church Next Door to an Abortion Center

When Pastor Lee Stokes and Destiny Christian Center purchased an empty Super K Mart as their new church facility, they never would have guessed they would be holding services next door to an abortion facility. Once the leadership became aware of it, the church was unsure how to proceed in terms of tackling the polarizing issue of abortion.

Fast forward to 2018, Pastor Stokes was visited by Justin Reeder, founder of Love Life and encouraged to begin calling his flock to engage in the battle for life. "It really took the wool off of our eyes and made us become very transparent" said Pastor Stokes. "I preached a sermon entitled 'When the righteous keep silent, evil prevails' and it really resonated with the people."

Following that sermon and a decision to begin engaging on every level possible, stories of hurt and pain from past abortions began to emerge from within the congregation. "It revealed to us that if you share the truth about what's going on with your people, people will take a stand and you'll see freedom and liberty in the church."

In December, Pastor Stokes and his wife lead a crowd of nearly 5,000 people on a prayer walk in Charlotte during our Week 40 Celebrate Life event and they're church, Destiny Christian Center, serves as the rallying point for our weekly prayer walk in Greensboro.

Hear Pastor Stokes' testimony of being moved to take action then share this video with your church leadership and encourage them to join more than 250 other churches and organizations in linking arms to build a culture of Love and Life.

More info for Pastors HERE

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