Jacqueline is believing in creating a culture of love and life by mobilizing
the local church to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.


A Sidewalk Missionary is a person who has committed to being a voice for the voiceless by offering hope and life resources to families considering abortion at their local Abortion Centers. They recruit, train, equip, and encourage volunteers from our partnering churches to be out on the sidewalks in front of their local abortion clinic. Each of them serves under Love Life as well as the covering of their local church. Our goal is to have a Christian witness at this clinic offering help and hope every day they are open.

About Jacqueline:
I remember that day, two years ago when I went with my church to my first Love Life event. It was the 40th week celebration. People were giving testimonies, others were singing songs, and prayers were going up to heaven. It was a wonderful time. One of the speakers shared how many babies were saved that year in Raleigh, NC. Praises went up and everyone exited. Then it got quiet. As were heard the tragic truth about how many babies lost their lives that year it was astonishing. As I thought about them being killed, it made me cry. I could not believe that this was happening in my back
door. I immediately signed up to be a volunteer and two years later I have become a Sidewalk Missionary. I am asking all of you that are reading this, to pray for me as I pray and plead with moms and dads who come out to the abortion clinic six days a week to kill their babies. They think they have no choice, but I know that Jesus is the choice. I compel you to come out to a Love Life event and volunteer. However, if you are unable to volunteer your time please consider making a monetary donation. For the family that chooses life, there are some who need a place stay, food to eat and/ or child care. These babies are blessings from our Holy Father and anything that you give to this ministry, I promise you that God will richly bless you.


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